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Open Enrollment for the 2021-22 school year will start on Thursday, December 10th at 6:00 AM. At that time the link below

will become live. No password needed.

Please call (914) 381-2655 or email toddler@mcnschool.org for questions about our 2's program and preschool@mcnschool.org for questions about our 3/4/5's programs.

Click below for program descriptions and registration information:


 We are so excited to welcome (back) our families and friends to our newly renovated nursery school! It has long been our dream to combine the toddler and nursery school locations, and finally it has become our reality!

We created new classrooms, added more space, and transformed existing classes. And we were able to add a special playspace for our youngest children to have a space to play outside.  

Please click the button below to check out some photos of our beautiful new home! 

MCNS' Blue Tube

Our wonderful and talented MCNS teachers have created a YouTube channel to bring the warmth and wonder from your child's classroom into your homes.


MCNS' Blue Tube YouTube page provides a sense of connection and continuity for your little ones.  There's so much to discover; whether it's doing crafts with Roe, going on an adventure walk with Carol, making sushi with Mayumi, singing "Are you Busy, Joe?" with Nina, listening to read alouds with Rosetta or learning "We're Off to Kindergarten" with Rosanne. 


It's a wonderful way in which your children can feel connected to each other and their MCNS community.


At Mamaroneck Community Nursery School we use productive play as a vehicle for learning, we help our children grow as individuals and community members in a safe, caring and challenging environment. Learn more about Who We Are.

Preschool:   501 Tompkins Ave, Mamaroneck NY 10543   |   914.381.2655 phone   |   914.381.2764 fax   |   preschool@mcnschool.org

Toddler Program:   501 Tompkins Ave, Mamaroneck, NY 10543   |   914.381.2655 phone   |    toddler@mcnschool.org