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MCNS is founded on the philosophy that children naturally use play as a vehicle for learning. Our programs are based on The Creative Curriculum, which rests firmly on a foundation of early childhood education research. We believe that children are curious individuals who develop in their own way. We understand that children use play to acquire the social-emotional skills that will serve as the foundation for future academic success. We strive to create a peaceful and safe classroom community where children can explore, create, and learn. Our curriculum includes regular schedules and routines which reflects New York State learning standards while teaching in a developmentally appropriate way. At MCNS, teachers and parents work together to build meaningful relationships and community. Children are encouraged to learn when they are free to explore their own ideas.



When you walk into our school, you will see a welcoming space that has been thoughtfully designed and recently renovated. All of our bright, sunny classrooms have large windows with views onto the playground. The classrooms are decorated with colorful posters as well as the children’s own artwork, and cozy rugs for circle time. The furnishings and equipment are scaled down for the children. Our classrooms incorporate many types of age appropriate toys, books, and materials for learning.

“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.” –Chinese proverb

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