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2-Year-Old Programs

The Toddler program is a wonderful place to begin your child’s first school experience. Our play-based philosophy is carried out by loving teachers who will gently guide your child through the separation process. The student-teacher ratio is at least 4:1, and each class has a head teacher and an assistant teacher. The teachers follow a daily schedule that includes productive play, art/project time, gross motor time on our wonderful playground and circle/story time. Each week, the head teacher sends a “Peek of the Week” email to parents which gives parents a glimpse into the classroom. The Peek lists the books being read to the children, circle time activities and songs, group and art activities, and skills the children are working on. MCNS believes that children learn best when they engage in developmentally-appropriate play activities that are challenging, yet able to be accomplished successfully.

Schedules Offered


AM Session Hours:

8:45 AM to 11:45 AM

PM Session Hours:

12:15 PM to 2:45 PM



You may select your days

from the following options:

2 days AM session (Th,F)

3 days AM session (M, T, W)

5 days AM sessions

2 days PM sessions (Th, F)

3 days PM sessions (M,T,W)

5 days PM sessions (M-F)

Full Day options available for Older 2's

MCNS 2 Year Old Classroom
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