Enrichment Programs

MCNS enlists local organizations to provide children with opportunities to encourage hands-on exploration, movement through gymnastics and yoga, an awareness of their natural world, and a joy for music. You may discover that your child will be able to name the bird that appears in your backyard or he/she may practice yoga positions in the living room. These enrichment experiences provide children with new skills, expand their learning, and build their confidence.

Sheldrake Environmental Education Program

(4-5-Year-Old programs)

Sheldrake’s unique programs encourage curiosity while developing skills of observing, describing, and sorting. By focusing on local nature and teaching children about the common creatures they may encounter, children develop a sense of place and an awareness of their natural surroundings.

Yoga with Susan of Budding Buddhas

(3, 4 and 5-Year-Old programs)

This fun-filled class combines yoga poses, music, games and breath work to build focus, concentration, strength, and confidence. Children learn how to calm their bodies through various breathing exercises. The class ends with “Peace Time” relaxation. Yoga with Susan seeks to inspire, empower, and teach young people the joy of yoga!

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The Nature of Things

(3-Year-Old programs)

The Nature of Things is an environmental outreach program that presents quality live animal presentations to schools and centers throughout the greater Metropolitan areas in New York and Connecticut. Children have the opportunity to meet an assortment of amphibians, reptiles, insects, mammals, and birds. Their hands-on nature experience will fascinate your child as they discover why certain animals are slimy, scaly, creepy, furry, and feathery.

Music with Angeline

(2, 3, 4 and 5-Year-Old programs)

This is a fun, educational, and musical experience. Angeline incorporates various styles of music through sing-a-longs, chants, large and small movement activities, dance, marches, tonal and rhythm patterns, finger plays, and instrument play. There are many benefits that come from socially interactive music and movement experiences:


Music appreciation

Creative expression

Thinking and imagination

Positive social interaction

Basic music competence

Rhythm and singing in tune

Spatial awareness

Listening and concentration


Coordination and Motor Skills

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(3, 4 and 5-Year-Old programs)

Artistree Performing Arts, owned by MCNS parents Heather and Peter Capelle, offers performing arts classes​ ​for the students of MCNS. The focus of Artistree’s instruction is to enhance the techniques required in all disciplines of theater and the arts. Artistree strives to foster a community where students can build their confidence and establish friendships in a supportive, fun, and nurturing environment. These classes are designed to be a child's first real introduction to performing and are equally perfect for those who are already singing and dancing all over the house as well as those who feel shy in front of other people.

Gym on Wheels

(2-Year-Old programs)

Gym On Wheels offers age-appropriate classes for toddlers that incorporate stretching exercises, aerobics to music, gymnastic skills, games, and lots of fun in a high energy, motivating, self-esteem building, and nurturing atmosphere. Gym On Wheels teaches children the physical motor skills that enhance coordination, balance, speed, agility, rhythm, and power. These classes also provide physical endurance, strength, and flexibility which helps build bone density and develops muscle growth.

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