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Who We Are

Our Mission

Using productive play as a vehicle for learning, the nursery school helps our children grow as individuals and community members in a safe, caring and challenging environment.

For more than 65 years, MCNS has created a caring environment where children use productive play as a vehicle for learning. We believe that a relaxed classroom gives children a safe space that encourages exploration. Children gain new skills in a natural process as they interact with their surroundings.




We believe that play is a child’s vehicle for learning. Each child is an individual growing at his or her own rate of readiness and ability. Developing self-esteem, learning to communicate, sharing, and socializing within one’s own peer group are our basic goals. We believe that learning is a natural and ongoing phenomenon, which emerges as we interact with and respond to our environment. Here at the nursery school, the child has a place to explore, create and experiment freely.


MCNS is more than just a preschool, it is a loving community that is

dedicated to the future of our children.


As a non-profit parent cooperative, MCNS is led by a community of parents who offer classroom support. Parent involvement is essential to children’s success in school. We strive to work with families to build a strong foundation for successful learning together. One of the most unique benefits of our school is our Parent Participation Program, offered to parents of children in the 3s and 4s programs. We also have an active group of parent volunteers and a Board of Directors.


Parent Participation Program (3s and 4s programs)

At MCNS, parents are given a unique opportunity to participate in their child’s classroom. One half day a month, a parent assists in the classroom and provides a simple snack. Grandparents and caregivers are also welcome to participate.


This time in our classroom is a wonderful occasion for parents to experience MCNS’s education philosophy of “learning through play” by seeing how teachers guide the class. Helping parents are able to actively participate with their children in their first classroom experience, gaining valuable insight into the social-emotional development of their child. Children are always delighted to share their classroom with their parents, which strengthens their bond. Introducing parents to other children in the classroom also gives them an opportunity to socialize. The goal of this program is for parents to gain a greater insight to their children through an active participation in their education.  


Parent Volunteers


MCNS relies on parent volunteers both in and out of the classroom. Parents are our most important resource and support base for the school. Parent volunteering can be simply reading a book to children in the classroom. There are many opportunities for parents to be involved. Some of our parents host get-togethers, educational workshops, coordinate classroom playdates, and assist in school-wide fundraising or social events. Some parents serve as their Class Parent by coordinating teacher gifts and classroom social events. Parental involvement is critical to the well-being of our school and we are lucky to have our dedicated community of parents.

Board of Directors


MCNS has an elected group of parents who serve on our Board of Directors, and they are responsible for the overall functioning of the school. While our school’s Director handles the day-to-day operations of the school, the Board of Directors selects and carries out fundraising events, formulates school policy, and sets the school budget, including tuition and salaries as well as approving any major expenditures.

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