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At MCNS we value the relationships we have with our current and alumni families. They are often the best resource to hear what the MCNS experience is like. Here is a sampling of what they are saying about us.

Nursery School Testimonials - MCNS

"Our three children attended MCNS from 2007 to 2015 and we could not be happier with the nurturing, creative and engaging environment provided. From the toddler years to pre kindergarten, each year's curriculum was age appropriate and centered on a learn through play model that matched perfectly with our family's learning philosophy for this age group. Our kids were encouraged to be independent, be creative thinkers and they had a blast every day. We love MCNS and it holds a special place in our hearts."

— The Hartley Family

"When considering preschools for my oldest daughter, MCNS stood out because of the warm feeling you felt the moment you walked through the school doors. The teachers and staff felt like family and it was evident from watching the students that their first experience in a school setting was a positive one. As an alumnae of MCNS it felt very special to know my children were in the same happy and loving environment that I had experienced. The school's Cooperative structure allowed me to be a part of the classroom and see first-hand how learning through play really worked, and most of all how happy my kids were. My younger son often requested play dates with his 3's teacher, and my daughter who is now 8, still recalls how her assistant teacher made her feel special and always smiled.

I look back at MCNS with not only fond memories, but also gratitude that the teachers and staff instilled in my children a love for learning at such an early and critical age."

— Lisette Coviello

"I feel incredibly grateful and lucky that we found MCNS and have been a part of this community for the past 2 1/2 years. I have now had both of my sons here, currently one is at the toddler center and one is in his last year at the nursery school, and they both love going to school! My 4 year old loves telling us about his day and what he did and learned. He especially loves the days when they have a visit from Sheldrake Nature Center and he gets to share a new fact about animals.

My mother, who sometimes brings my kids to school, commented that everyone at MCNS is always so nice. It is true! It is a very special place where the teachers and staff show on a daily basis how caring, warm and enthusiastic they are. Since it is a parent cooperative you truly are a part of the school and it is wonderful to be in the classroom and get to know the other kids and their parents. It is also comforting to know that you can always reach out to the directors, Melissa and Charlie, and to the teachers with any concerns you have. This past year we have had to deal with some disruptions to our daily life and routine and we were very appreciative of the support we received from MCNS.  I am so glad we still have at least 2 more years to be a part of this amazing community!"

— Kristin Santiago

"We started out the school year with a shy little boy. Now, he walks the halls of MCNS with confidence during the week, and asks to go to school on the weekends. Because of the toddler center, our son has come out of his shell and we couldn’t be happier with the quality of the education, the open lines of communication, and most of all, the nurturing environment provided by the teachers."

— Lindsey Kosinski

"My sons are currently enrolled in the Young 2's at the toddler center and the Red Room at the nursery school.  My daughter recently graduated from MCNS (Middle 2's, Red Room and Blue Room). I can not say enough good things about this school and our experience over the past four years. MCNS is invested in providing a warm, nurturing, educational, play-based environment for its children while making the families of its children an integral part of the daily process. To be welcomed into my son's classroom (and previously my daughter) every month as a "parent helper" is an invaluable opportunity to see how they are navigating the classroom, developing friendships, growing on multiple levels and essentially, becoming their own independent little person. Beyond this, there are two specific things that set MCNS apart from other schools. The first, the school board's cooperative structure which allows every member of the school's community an opportunity to shape and inform how the school is run and operated. The second, the quality and character of the teachers and staff. In addition to their years of experience, individual strengths as teachers, the warmth and personality each one brings to the classroom, they are a wealth of information and insight. I have sought their advice on decisions both small and large – from potty training to holding my son back for an additional "bridge year" before kindergarten. Each time I walk through the doors and say hello to Melissa or Charlie, the teachers and other MCNS families who love the school as much as I do, I know we've made the right decision."

— Julie Siler

"When we started our search for a preschool for our young son, we sought a bright and cheery environment with knowledgeable teachers on child development. We wanted our son to follow daily routines and also be encouraged to express himself through his art and play. MCNS offers a very special collaborative community where every child and family belongs. We are forever grateful for all the support, love, and fundamentals MCNS has given our three children in our 8 years at this extraordinary school."

— Kat & Craig LoConte

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