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Kids' Club

​Do you have a little chef on your hands? Perhaps a budding artist or a future Nobel Prize winning young scientist? Are you looking for something to help nurture their curiosity a few afternoons a week? If so, we are excited to offer Kids' Club Enrichment Afternoons for 3–5 year olds, from 12:00 until 2:30pm at the MCNS Toddler Center. 


Our teaching team provides a safe and creative environment for the children to extend their learning in areas of specific interest. Using a variety of activities from all the educational domains the teachers encourage exploration, creativity, cooperation and critical thinking skills.

Schedules Offered


Children must be 3–5 years old

Class Size:

Maximum enrollment is 10 children per day

Hours and Days:

12 to 2:30 PM, typically on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Enrichment activities may include:

  • Creative Cooking

  • Krafty Kids: Pottery, Weaving, Drawing
    & Painting 

  • Pintsize Photographers

  • Silly Science

  • Sensacional Español 


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